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Fiadh Durham in Dingle
Fiadh, (pronounced fia), means deer in Irish, and relates to the ancient Irish word for ‘wild’. Táimíd lonnaithe i gceantar Ghaeltachta, áit ina bhfuil an Ghaeilge beo i mbéal na ndaoine go fóill. 
Fiadh, a textile designer and handweaver, is passionate about the marriage of inspired design and skilled craftsmanship, using traditional weaves to create contemporary design.
Fiadh’s designs are informed by the intriguing colour and pattern combinations of the area; she regularly undertakes explorations and photographic expeditions around the inspirational landscapes of the West Coast of Ireland.
Fiadh, the designer, is passionate about the marriage of inspired design and skilled craftsmanship. She takes inspiration from her natural surroundings which feeds directly into the design process and this is apparent in her unique take on traditional weave structures, creating beautiful woven accessories with an edge.
After gaining an honours degree in textile design from the National College of Art and Design Fiadh set to immersing herself in learning the craft of weaving, believing like any artist, that you must master the basics before you can push the boundaries.
She trained as a tapestry weaver with one of Irelands top weavers Lisbeth Mulcahy for a number of years and had solo exhibitions two years running for Féile na Bealtaine before opening her own shop and studio in 2015. Fiadh has also completed an intensive Wool Masterclass, exploring new techniques and applications for wool, at the Bergerie Nationale run by the INMA (National Institute of Arts and Crafts) in France, and other European partners.
Fiadh creates a contemporary style and use for traditional craft techniques; her mission is to explore and showcase creative and contemporary possibilities of weaving and her work is gaining increasing following nationally and abroad. She regularly exhibits at Gifted - the Contemporary Design & Craft Fair and her work was displayed on the Creative Island, a specially selected area of authentic products designed and made in Ireland. She has also featured on Nationwide and various other Irish craft and design series on national television. Fiadh was also a runner up in Comórtas Ceirde, the craft contest series broadcast on TG4.




Purple, green and blue strands of 100% Merino wool in Fiadh's Dingle studioAbout Weaving


Weaving is one of the oldest surviving crafts, traced back to Neolithic times. It involves producing fabric by interlacing two separate yarns or threads at right angles to produce a cloth. Weaving was for many years a cottage industry, taking place in the home, until the development of automatic looms, which fuelled the Industrial Revolution, and replaced the artisan weaver with machines. Fiadh uses traditional weaving techniques, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with them to create stylish accessories and apparel



Fiadh draws inspiration from the beautiful landscape of the west coast, particularly the Dingle Peninsula. She likes to find unusual patterns and colours in indigenous plants that are off the beaten track

“I see unusual yet beautiful pattern and colour combinations in nature and incorporate them into my design work and as the seasons change so do my collections.”

“My siblings and I grew up in quite a creative home environment with little technology and spent a lot of time rambling about the fields and beaches of West Kerry. I think this environment really encouraged our imagination and for me it instilled a want to explore, gather and build things. In a way, fortunately, that has not changed.”

Fiadh's large light dusty pink-mauve woven scarf with light ombre grey stripe alongside the stripe sandstone that inspired the coloursThe Company Ethos



Simply beautiful woven accessories inspired by and made on the Dingle Peninsula

Using only the highest quality yarn sourced from from spinners in Ireland, the UK and Italy, Fiadh and her skilled team make these lovely woven products from scratch. Attention to detail is key and they are always working on improving the designs, with a unique take on traditional weave structures, to make the softest most beautiful pieces that will see you through not just seasons but years of wear

Fiadh’s ethos is all about creating something beautiful that is made to last, combining a love of fashion with a respect for nature, in relation to both the inspiration and the raw materials it provides. Fiadh designs respect the old and embrace the new

Fiadh constantly embraces change and challenge - the changing seasons and colours of nature, the challenge of recreating them in weave, paired with the challenge to create something fresh and contemporary, to showcase an ancient craft in a vibrant new way

“We need to make weaving a thing of the future rather than the past. I believe that this is achievable by respecting and learning the craft from the masters and using design and creativity to make something new and exciting”

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