Product Care & How to Wear

Warp & Weft Diagram Fiadh Woven Design

Product Care


Fiadh pieces are handmade in Kerry. The finer the yarn and looser the weave, the more delicate the piece, so we recommend to handle with care.

Wool helps regulate body temperature and it has antibacterial and self cleaning properties. It does not need to be washed often, but when you do we recommend to hand wash gently in warm soapy water.

How to Fix a Snag


Once you establish if it is a warp or weft thread pulled, grip the cloth either side of the pull and stretch it out. The snag should sit back into place.


How to Wear - link to instagram video here 


Tie your triangle scarf by wrapping the long thin end around Once


or Twice


 Thread it through the loop in this way

Tighten it to your preference by pulling it trough

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